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Cathy Wetzeler, RN, BSN, CWOCN
Cathy Wetzeler has been a Wound Institute® member for four years. As a veteran nurse and teacher with 39 years of dedicated service, Cathy knows wound care extensively. Having spent 10 years as a wound specialist, and 22 as a teacher, Cathy uses The Wound Institute® for continuing education. She can receive her accreditations efficiently, leaving her more time to spend with her five grandchildren. She also finds the educational modules a great support while in the classroom, with a rich assortment of programs to enhance the curriculum. In 2010, Cathy was named one of Iowa's Greatest Nurses, and we're certainly glad to have her as one of our greatest, too. Thanks, Cathy, for your continued interest and support of The Wound Institute®.
The Wound Institute®
The Wound Institute® is dedicated to providing premier online wound care education programs for healthcare professionals and patients. Topics you'll find in this comprehensive site include accredited and non-accredited wound care education, patient education, research, staff training, and a resource center which provides articles, media presentations, wound photos and educational presentations.